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Sonia Médard & Christophe Guirao

      How was In Vinhys born ?


Both my father and grandfather have always worked the grapevine but never made their own wine. When you love wine and you are a winemaker’s daughter, temptation is strong. During a visit in Saint-Emilion (at Chantal Daude Sclafer who is a women of strong character) I had a revelation… I passed my oenologist Diploma in order to get a more personal approach of wine and discover this world with a bright look. I met Christophe and this partnership idea emerged.

Wine is a mean of communication, communion; share. That’s the way I met Sonia through this common passion: wine.
After setting my first step in this world about 17 years ago, my need to make my own wine inhabited me. Sonia was the trigger when she came up with a totally spontaneous idea: why not create a Domaine together?
My encounter with her father was unique … His experience and vision of the vine are very precious to me. Our complementarities and understanding gave us keys to undertake this project.

      What strengths have enabled you to make this happen?

A touch of madness and a huge determination. The need to create. Also, loving wine is a real pleasure, but living wine is exciting! Besides, I have to add that the enthusiasm of our families, their support encouraged us from the start. When you receive so much from the start despite the obstacles, giving up just isn’t an option.

The convergence of our ideas and our own personal motivation helped our different starting stages go smoothly which helped things go faster so our project saw the day within a few months.
The development and implementation have been a race against time but we have been operational a few hours before the harvest of the very first grapes. This has all been only possible thanks to the unconditional support of our family, the infatuation and energy of our friends and the involvement of our suppliers.

      What are your ambitions ?


Get closer to my ideals:
Viti – Vini – Human.
Build an environment, which looks like me where I like to evolve. Bring my rime…

Create a very authentic wine, reflect of our personalities and sensibilities, in a spirit of simplicity, accessibility and pleasure.


      What does your Partnership brings to this new adventure ?

First of all, it is our meeting each other which brought this project out. I didn’t think I would start a personal adventure in the wine business so soon. However, we discovered a common vision of wine but also how to work together. To me, Christophe brings authenticity of what I want to pass in our wine. He is deeply human and has the need to share his passion. I often got to meet extraordinary people in the wine business either passionate or very technical, but rarely both. Christophe is very attentive to new vinification methods but does not loose sight of the essential. Each wine has to be sincere; it can’t escape to the grapes that make it. It can take multiple faces but if you cheat, if you force it; you can fall flat. Christophe through his knowledge, his experience, accompany the wine making at the right time without violence., he has the right move. To finish, thanks to his wide-open mind I feel free as to my needs and propositions for the future of our Domaine.

Sonia is the key in that project. She brings a great energy, a never ending creativity and a freedom of thinking. A wise and sharp eye, which brings the notion of work to a new level. It is all the more pleasant to be by her side because she breath happiness. That’s what you call beautiful life encounters.

      What profiles would you like to give to your future wines ?

I am only going to talk about our White and Rosé. I will let Christophe take you through the Red he is inexhaustible.
A White which rocks! Bright, which makes you want to have another, what a present it would be for me! A subtle Rosé thanks to its aromas to accompany wonderful oysters from our Etang de Thau (Pond of Thau), but only present to accompany a summer meal.
I sometimes love a wine to be served throughout the meal, which helps me discover it fully, not through the one dish as some Rosés are meant to. As for now, we chose those aromatic lines but I hope we will risk through different profiles, there are so many to explore from.

For the White and Rosé, I would like a franc wine, crispy with aromas on the fruit.
As for the Red, creating a very harmonious wine looking for elegance, silky tannins and a balance between velvety texture and freshness.
The wine must be complex without heaviness because the main notion remains buds taste! Our goal is to achieve 2 very distinct ranges as much through our work on the vine as well as the vinification and breeding. We have a wide set of possibilities, incredible when it comes to winemaking methods, we might as well take advantage of it!


      Quelle est votre philosophie à la vigne ?

That is the part which made us ask ourselves lots of questions..
Of course with 4 hectares everything is possible. We can adapt custom made needs our soils might have, cultural practices, and if we find necessary we even have the possibility to control the hybrid stress on plots which would suffer. Our priority is to respect the vine and the earth we cultivate. We are aware we shouldn’t fall into extreme interventionism or non-hard interventionism, but we are learning every day. At the moment, I am interested in people’s opinion which seem pertinent (Pierre Rabhi for exemple) in order to inspire myself from them, not necessarily to indoctrinate me.
We haven’t made any final approach at the moment as we find important ideas to us in different specifications. What we can assure is that a natural biodiversity occupied our earth to our greatest pleasure.

The vine is the founding element of our future wines. We need to bring an attention, respect and specific monitoring: that’s what I call the reasonable agricultural notion. Environment is the heart of this fragile balance between method of work and our goal to get a sane and mature harvest. To permanently adapt to climate variability takes reactivity and anticipation to work as clean as possible. It is a matter of common sense and realization that each and every one of us has to preserve the world we live in.
This approach of cultural choices should be spontaneous and not commercial.

      What message would you like to give to those who read you ?


There are two things which are important to me:
First of all, there is nothing hazardous in vinification. Explain amateurs that by putting grapes in a tank you make wine is very funny but a bit dishonest. I want our wine to be healthy and we have committed the resources to make it so. The analyzes faith in this area and this is the minimum of respect that we owe to customers.
However …
We all have different taste and I often hear: “ personally, I don’t know anything about wine!” Why would we need knowledge to love? Even if it is exciting to swap opinion: let us not intellectualize wine too much! When it is time to share, let’s like it or not, but it remains a simple pleasure. Don’t convince yourself that you like a wine because it is expansive, let yourself be seduced by a wine a person you know doesn’t enjoy.
Do not seek the truth because no professional has it. Dare give value to your own taste and run away from gurus because to me it is in this diversity that lays one of the greatest wine wealth.

It is above all the pleasure of sharing with them our adventure and bringing them a ray of sunshine in their glass. Wine is friendship, happiness, life as simple as that. If people feel touched and concerned by our adventure and enthusiasm, it is already a great satisfaction.


      Any dreams ?

Share, meet other human beings, travel and also a true relationship to nature, understand it, learn: happiness!

Discover, learn more and more …
But most of all a human adventure, an harmony with nature, and the pleasure to keep on living the relationships forged through wine, at both national and international level

Our Vineyard

Located in the South Of France, Florensac, the 4-hectare vineyard, extends over neighbouring lands of the Thau Pond. The soils are Anglo Calcareous.
Our region is famous for its warm climate and locally windy depending on where the plot is located. The selection of vines, five up to today, was done according to our personal taste.

Viognier, Sauvignon and Grenache Blanc are white wine’s vines. Syrah and Cinsault are used for red and rosé wine.

Viognier and Sauvignon surround the cellar and are located on a hill overlooking the Herault Valley.The exposure is very interesting because the land is always windy allowing a natural drying of potential disease outbreaks.
Thau’s pond proximity is good for grapes maturation thanks to the necessary but never excessive moisture supply during dry season.
Grenache Blanc is located on a hillside scrubland with a north south exposure, which helps gain a perfectly sunny vegetation and uniform maturity grapes.
Syrah and Cinsault grapes destined to make Red wines and Rosé have been planted over different years.
This age diversity offers our juices different aromatic shading.
Consequently, it is possible for us to choose the perfect date for each parcel to be harvested so we can decide each year to either go for a joint or separated vinification as it suits us. Thanks to these different profiles within the same vine we can confer an additional complexity to the wine.

Our Cellar

This production tool is designed to work in optimal hygiene conditions.
The temperature-controlled stainless steel vat provide a better mastery of temperature, which is a very important part in wine making.
Vats volumes are adapted to the different parcels in order to vinify them separately.
A pneumatic press with closed cage is used to allow pre-fermentation macerations away from oxygen and to favour white grapes aromatic expression.
Daily wine tasting is the key element to assess the work of the wine during the various fermentations phases.
We discover and adapt to our grape, its evolution, which changes from one Millesime to the other. During the manipulation process, we handle our wine with great care in order to preserve them as much as possible.
It reveals itself with time …..